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Project X - The Next Evolution of Storytelling

CURRENT PHASE - Project X: Series One - Unlocking Phase - ENDS May 16, 2022 at 9:38am GMT-5 

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The Pinedo Brothers are proud to present the first step in the path to truly decentralized movie making and watching experience - PROJECT X. 

Project X is a 6-part web series. However, the Pinedo Brothers have developed an algorithm that has turned each frame of the webseries into a work of digital art, such that no two frames are in any way identical to the other. 

Each part of the series will be divided into two phases: UNLOCKING PHASE and SCREENING DAYS.

During the UNLOCKING PHASE, these digital art frames will be minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and will be released for sale individually. Most of the frames will be offered for a few fractions of ETH, but a few rare frames that have been encoded with hidden unlockable story content will also be made available.

Each frame can then be authenticated here on the Pinedo Brothers site. Authenticated NFT holders will then be invited to join the Project X discord group, where the story tellers will interact with NFT holders about the world that Project X inhabits and award members of this group with rare NFTs with encoded messages. Rare NFT holders who authenticate on this site will be invited to an even more select discord group. Only in combining the information contained on multiple rare NFTs will members be able to decipher the encoded messages.

After a set time, each part of the Project X series will have a SCREENING DAY. Each NFT that has been authenticated on this site will be unscrambled, and that frame will be unlocked for viewing as a part of the screening day. A link will be made available on this site, and current NFT holders will use it to authenticate their NFTs and enter the secure screening room. All unlocked frames will be viewed, and at the end of the viewing the NFT holders will vote to proceed to the subsequent part of the project or back to another Unlocking Phase so that more frames may be authenticated on this site and more secrets may be revealed on the next screening day.

This process is designed so that us, the storytellers, may interact directly with those that watch our stories and do not need the large powers that be in order to distribute these stories. In this way the link between the two parties is direct and immediate. We are excited to begin this journey with you.


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